It’s been awhile

I do believe I owe all of you a new post 🙂

Our big trip has come and gone, and it was quite the experience. We used that strapon much more than I think either of us intended to, but it was wonderful. We tried all kinds of different positions and angles, and boy was it delicious.

We also had a conversation about the daddy/little girl scenario, and Mistress actually 100% loves it. We’ve incorporated it into our sex naturally – by which I mean if it comes out, it happens, otherwise its not a big deal, and we both really like it. She even referred to her clit as “daddy’s dick” once – good stuff.

The severity of our sex kindof comes and goes – one night it’ll be really rough and dominant and BDSM centered, and the next it’ll be cuddly and vanilla and cute, but I’m okay with that. It makes everything more interesting.


More updates soon 🙂



Mistress sometimes texts me little kisses – here’s my collection of them 🙂


*nuzzles then kisses lightly up your neck, stopping at your ear for a bit, then, laying on top of you, kissing you gently, but passionately*

*cradles my arm around your waist and runs my hand down your jaw to your chin, lifting to meet your eyes and a quick Eskimo kiss. Then with a finger tucked under your chin, I pull you towards me and gently hold you in a long kiss*

*pulls you close and kisses  your forehead, then your nose, then softly on the lips*

*grabs a big handful of your hair, pulling your head back and forcing you to your knees, then digging my nails into your back, I lick up your neck and kiss you hard, violently, leaving a bite mark on your bottom lip*

*bites up your chest, twisting your nipples hard while sucking on your neck then kisses you, sucking your tongue into my mouth and scraping it with my teeth while pulling your head back by your hair*

*runs my fingers through your hair and down your jaw, caressing your cheek, pulling you into me with my other hand on your waist and kissing you gently at first then with some increasing intensity*

* pushes back against your kiss, wrapping my arms around you and leaning you back, a slowly increases the intensity and bites your lip lightly*

*wraps my arms around you, starting a soft kiss, biting and pulling on your lip while grabbing your hair and slowly pulling your head back. I keep the kiss going, traveling down your neck while letting my nails dig into, and run down your back*

*snuggles close to you, resting my hand on your cheek and holding you in a long, slow kiss.*

*tackles your and licks your face, nuzzling all over and making you giggle*

*shoves you against the wall, pushing my knee hard between your legs and grabbing your nipples and twisting hard, pushing my lips against yours and sucking your tongue, biting down hard*

*pulls your hair, bringing you to your knees and twisting a nipple hard, then kissing you hard, biting and pulling on your lip*

*starts at your lips, not even touching them, just breathing, and travels all over your body, to your ear, neck, chest, nipples, stomach, ending at your pussy just barely brushing my lips over your slit*

So if I were to drag my nails down your sides just to get to your pussy and do a nice slow breath like that, you’d like that?

*rolls on top of you, holding your arms down and kissing lightly up your neck, then nibbling on your lip, and kissing and pulling a few times*

*rests my hand on your cheek, twisting your hair around a finger, and kissing you softly, pulling your lip here and there*

*wraps my arms around your neck, standing on my tiptoes and pulling you close, I kiss you with a smile on my face and then kiss the tip of your nose*

Your knees is where you belong, bitch.

When you’re wet is the only time you’re of any damn use to me.

*pushes you up against the wall, pushing my knee into your pussy and dragging my nails down your chest, kissing you deeply, sucking your tongue and nibbling your lip*

*pulls you close and kisses you gently over and over, moving to your ear or neck occasionally, lightly tugging your hair or letting my hands wander*

*comes up behind you, wrapping my arms around your neck and kissing you gently on you neck and ears, massaging your back and playing with your hair*

*kisses back until you melt and feel your knees give, then lays down with you and let’s my fingers wander casually*

*kisses all over your face to make you giggle, then Eskimo kisses your nose and pulls you close, caressing your cheek with my hand and kissing you deeply and passionately*

*grabs your hair with both hands, tangling my fingers in it and pressing up against you, I kiss you with a smile on my face, then kiss all over your face and tickle you until you can’t take it*

*pulls you close with my hands softly entangled in your hair and kisses you gently, then cuddles your head to my chest, stroking your cheek and hair*

*comes up behind you and pulls your hair back, hard, pulling you into me, dragging my nails up your thighs and across your tits. I casually bite and kiss your neck, traveling up your jaw line and turning your head hard by your hair to meet your lips with my teeth*

*cuddles close to you, lightly kissing up your neck and caressing your cheek, wrapping my arms around your neck and kissing you, sucking on your lip a little*

*snuggles close and gives little kisses all over your face and neck, then kisses you with a little smile on my face*

*pushes you gently against the wall, pulling your hair back and kissing up your neck, and meeting your lips, then biting your lip and pulling, running a hand down your chest and pushing you into the wall before walking away*

*pushes you against the wall and drops to my knees, leaving one breathy kiss over your pussy.
I use my mouth to climb up your body, my hands trailing, nails pulling hard on your skin, and leave breathy kisses over your nipples.
I kiss and lick your neck, then down your jawline, finally sucking your tongue  into my mouth hard, pulling my nails up the inside of your thighs, ending before touching you*

*lifts your chin up with one finger to meet my lips, wrapping my arms around your neck, I kiss you lovingly with a little smile on my face, standing on my tiptoes to get a little taller and press against you*

*sitting in the car, I take your hand and kiss it slowly, moving up and sucking one of your fingers into my mouth. I slide closer to you, placing a hand on your thigh, and quickly kiss you, biting your bottom lip hard, then going back to your hand*

*comes up behind you, pushing you to your knees, and pulling your head back by your hair. I run my nails hard up your back and walk around you, leaning down to kiss your forehead, keeping your hair pulled back. I kneel in front of you, biting your neck and rubbing hard on your pussy with the palm of my hand*

*straddles over your chest, holding your arms down, I lean down and bite and suck on your neck, then continue up your neck, to your lips, giving you a breathy kiss just brushing your lips and whispering “whore”*

* pets your hair a bit, slowly, then runs my fingers across your cheek, caressing it lightly and pulling your lips toward mine. I kiss you and pull you close, squeezing tight*

*cuddles closely to you in bed, resting a hand on your cheek and gently kissing you over and over*

*presses you softly against the wall, with my arms around your neck and hands lightly tangled in your hair, and I kiss you softly, starting at your forehead, to your nose, then your ear, and down your jaw, finally to your lips*

*slams you against the wall and pulls your hair back hard, sinking to my knees, I start at your pussy leaving breathy kisses all the way up your body, especially your nipples and neck. I stand up and push my knee into your pussy, keeping your hair pulled back tight and biting your neck, then sucking your tongue into my mouth and teasing it with my teeth*

*has you kneel in the middle of the room, and blindfolds you. I walk around you slowly, poking here, flicking there, maybe a slap, teasing you by dragging my nails across your neck. Suddenly, I pull your hair back hard, and put your clamps on, then breathily kiss up your neck, finally kissing you hard and biting your bottom lip, leaving a mark. Then I walk away, leaving you*

*tackles you from behind, hanging on your neck and planting little kisses all over your face, then turning you around and kissing you with a smile on my face*

Then you can visualize me pushing my knee into your pussy, sucking your tongue into my mouth while pulling your hair back nice and hard and mayyybe dragging my nails down your chest.

*Has you kneel, and comes up behind you pulling your head back and kisses you hard, running my nails down your body and teasing your pussy*

*you’re sitting on the couch watching tv, and I walk over and stand in front of you. I straddle your hips, and push your head back, resting it against the couch cushion, then lean in and almost kiss you, and suddenly, I grab your hair and pull you off the couch, pushing you to your knees and having you kiss my stomach and legs. Getting down on my knees, I pull your head back, and bite your neck, running my nails down your back and sucking on your earlobe, then finally sucking your bottom lip into my mouth and kissing you hard*

*outside walking with you, headed to a wooded area. When we get there, I kiss you softly, wrapping my arms around your neck, then pushing you against a tree, pinning you and kissing and biting your neck, ears and chest. I run my nails up and down your chest, teasing your thighs. I pull your hair hard and kiss you, pinning you against the tree, and sucking your tongue, making you moan*

*lays in bed next to you, running and curling my fingers in your hair, and cuddles close, kissing you softly and slowly, over and over*

*kneels behind you and wraps my arms around your neck, cuddling you a little, then leans your head back and kisses you upside down*

*kneels in front of you, sitting on your lap and wrapping my legs around your waist and arms around your neck, I entangle my fingers in your hair, stroking your cheek and kissing you slowly and softly*

*sleeping in bed with you, I wake you up with a kiss, then snuggle close, nuzzling your neck and making you giggle. Then, rolling on top of you, I twist your hair around my fingers, cradling your head and kissing you nice and softly, from your lips to little pecks on your nose*

*coming home from class, you welcome me home, and I command you to your knees. I tease you here and there with my belt, lightly whipping you and slapping your pussy, pulling your hair, and hitting you across your nipples. I question you a little about your day, seeing of you’ve been a good girl while I was gone.
After a bit, I wrap the belt lightly around your neck and pull you up, shoving you against the wall, and hiss dirty things into your ear, sucking on your earlobe. Finally, I drag my fingernails down your back and kiss you hard, sucking your tongue.*

*snuggles close to you nuzzling your neck, then kissing lightly up your jaw line to meet you lips. After a few soft kisses, I snuggle on your chest*

*allows you to come to bed, and cuddles up close to you, lightly kissing your forehead and twisting a finger in your hair, then kisses you softly a few times, lingering and finally nuzzling your neck*

*we’re out to dinner, just arriving, and we get to our table. I take your coat and put it on the back of your chair, helping to seat you, then lifting your chin with two fingers and kissing you before sitting down myself.*

*stands over you and pulls your head back by your hair, smirking as you gasp a little, then kisses you hard, nibbling your lip.*

*roughly runs my fingers through your hair, then lifts your chin an kisses you with some force, topping it off with a command of “have a good day.” and a smirk

That be sexy.

*lords over you, pulling your head back by your hair and straddling your thighs, kneeling on your lap, I scratch down your neck and kiss you hard, sucking and nipping your lips and tongue. Then, breaking the kiss, I gently touch my lips to your nose and pull you close, cradling your head to my chest.*

*grabs you by the hair and throws you into bed, dropping on top of you, straddling your hips, teasing your ribs a little with my fingernails. Then, I drop my head to your neck and nibble a little on your collar bone, biting harder when you moan. Finally, I move up your neck and kiss you, sucking your tongue into my mouth, and leaving, whispering “whore” into your mouth*

*sits on the couch, leaning you back so you’re laying on me, between my legs, and cuddles you close, nuzzling your head and kissing you softly here and there, drawing out the kisses like a slow dance*

*pulls your hair back hard, pushing you against the wall. I drag my nails across your tits and give breathy kisses on your neck, finally kissing you hard on the lips, biting and sucking your tongue*

*cuddles close to you, kissing lightly on your neck and face and running my fingers through your hair. Finally, I kiss you, lightly, letting it linger a while, and end up nuzzled into your neck*

*straddles your hips, holding you down and entangling my fingers in your hair, then kisses you with a little force and and smile, finishing with a bite, pulling your lip*

*comes up behind you, softly kissing your neck, then after a minute or so, I simultaneously drag my nails hard down your front and back, nibbling your ear and whispering those dirty things you like to hear*

*invites you to bed, cuddling you close and kissing you with a little force, leading you with my hands and helping you relax before bed*

*pulls you towards me hard, and drops to my knees, kissing up your body, biting here and there, harder when you make a sound. Finally at your ear, I suck your earlobe and whisper “melt”, scratching down your back, then kissing you hard and pulling your lip*

Written by Mistress

Sometimes Mistress writes me little stories – this is one of them 🙂


I throw you into the hotel room and slam the door, hissing “How /dare/ you embarrass me in public like that? Who do you think you are, you little slut?”
You’ve apologized profusely already, scared about the punishment coming to you, but maybe you should have thought about the consequences of disobeying and then /arguing/ with me in the restaurant.
I order you to your knees, and naturally you bow your head, both out of habit and a little shame. Suddenly, a sharp slap across your face, “Bad girl.”
For about 10 minutes, I conduct corporal punishment, asking you what you did wrong, then a quick slap across the cheek.
Finally, I raise your chin, lightly kissing both cheeks, and caressing your face, “you’re sorry, aren’t you?” With a timid yes, I allow you to stand, and order you to undress. I slip a hand down to your pussy, dripping wet. “ohhhh does my little one want to get fucked?”
I shove you down on the bed so you’re laying on your stomach and command you not to move.
After a few minutes of motionless tension, you feel my cock slam into you, pounding hard.
I hold you down, forcing you to take it, “If my bad girl wants to get fucked, she’ll get fucked,” I hissed, adding “don’t you dare come.”
For about 15 minutes I fuck you hard, pounding your pussy, hearing you whimper holding back orgasm after orgasm and suddenly, I pull out.
I lay down over your back, dragging my nails with me, and whisper in your ear, “come, you little whore.”

That First Weekend

The long-awaited weekend has come and gone, and boy was it wonderful. Mistress had told me that she’d help me gently take the strapon the first time – she’d sit in a chair and I could slowly lower myself onto it. Well that wasn’t necessary. Our first night together was casual, just our usual sex. But our second night, delicious. Mistress teased me relentlessly, until I was dripping wet. I got to snuggle up next to her, casually suckling our nipples like I love so much, and finally, she asked if I’d like to be fucked. I smiled, and said yes, of course. She got up and put on her dick, with just a little lube, and got back on the bed, kissing me once. She looked at me, commanding, “suck my dick”. I smiled, the words sounded so right coming out of her mouth, and obeyed. I sucked gently, tugging with my lips, doing my best to please her. She petted my hair, telling me what a good little girl I was, then she moved over me. She gently slid it in, knowing how wet I was, and then started gently fucking me. I gasped and moaned a little, and begged for more. Next thing I knew, she was fucking me hard, and I was begging her to let me take the whole thing. She giggled softly and told me that I’d already taken the whole thing, without a problem. I was impressed. 

I still wanted more, though, so I tucked my legs over her shoulders, begging her to fuck me deeper. She obliged, thrusting her dick as deep as it would go, encouraged by my moans. Finally, the orgasm she so desperately wanted to give me racked my body. My back arched into her hands, my pussy pressed against her, my legs wrapped tight around her hips, my hands pulling her hair hard, and I screamed a delicious, throaty, pleasure filled scream. And I shook. Ohhhhh, how I shook. That first orgasm took me hardddddd. Yet she didn’t stop. She kissed me gently, once or twice I’m not sure, and then started up again. Finally, she slid out, and laid on top of me, kissing me gently, twisting a nipple here and there. Quietly, I asked her to fuck me again. She obliged again, such a wonderful Mistress, and crawled back to slide in again. She had barely slid halfway into me when I came right then, a quiet but shaking orgasm. 


And that was just the first night! 🙂 


Mistress also let me (finally) wash her hair, and her body. It was wonderful. I love being able to serve her in that way. She reciprocated, washing my body, and I purred at her touch. It’s amazing to me how much I love her hands on my body, but it’s just that love of touch and physical contact that I have. 

Mistress treats me so well and I am so very blessed that I belong to her 🙂 

Daddy, Please!

This post has been a long time coming, but recent dreams have made it a necessity, so I can explore my thoughts on this subject.

First, so we’re all on the same page – let me do a bit of explaining. Mistress and I had been doing a little bit of reading over on Sugarbutch. Ohhhh that blog gets me in trouble. We were reading a few of the posts Sinclair writes about his daddy/girl experiences, and Mistress let it slip that she liked it. We didn’t really discuss it much more than that, but I’m pretty sure we both remember the conversation.

Then, last night, I had a dream. One of those fantastically vivid dreams. I dreamed that Mistress was fucking me hard. In a moment of childishness, I reached up, tugging on her neck and pouting a bit, and said “fuck me harder, daddy!” The dream continued and these tiny moments happened again and again. Once, as she kissed me softly, I pulled back for a moment, whispering a tiny “thank you, daddy” into her mouth. Again, as we were teasing each other in a casual foreplay. She flicked my clit just once, and a tiny “daddy” came out as a soft moan. And finally, perhaps my favorite moment of all, when we were snuggled after sex just talking softly before we fell asleep, I absentmindedly whispered “I love you daddy”, and she smiled.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I really like all this “daddy” talk. I texted Mistress about it this afternoon, and she had just as favorable a reaction as I had. But it just makes sense. She’s my protector and always makes sure I’m happy, and she spoils me. I’m her little one, her baby. So if the occasional “daddy” slipped out during sex, I don’t think I’d be too upset. In fact, I’d probably find it incredibly sexy.

But anyway. A part of me thinks I’m just missing Mistress a lot today. It’s okay though. Four more days until I can fall asleep in her arms again.

My parting thought to you – pillow talk from what I think would be Mistress’ perspective:

All the aftercare pillowtalk when her eyes sparkle and she is flushed, glowing. All that light in her laugh and feather-soft touches make me feel easier, like I make sense. I’ve said it before but she is very easy to love, easy to spend time with, easy to adore, easy to shower with affection.

Next Weekend

I’m so excited! Next weekend is the first time Mistress and I will be able to spend more than just a couple hours together since May. In fact, I’ll be able to spend two whole nights in her bed! Soooo excited! We have a massive wishlist of things we want to try this schoolyear but this coming weekend is particularly special for a couple reasons:

  • Mistress and I have picked out and purchased a strap-on. Not just any strap-on either, but one that’ll satisfy my cravings for deeeeeeepp penetration. We’ll (hopefully) be breaking it in and practicing, so I’m extremely excited for all aspects of that. I don’t know how much of it we’ll get to next weekend but I definitely want to practice a bit before the big trip in a month.
  • I own a set of nipple clamps, but next weekend will be the first time that Mistress will get a chance to use them on me herself instead of instructing me from afar.
  • The same goes for my anal plug. We tried to use it once this summer but there just wasn’t enough time or space to do it without actually hurting me.
  • The snuggling. Ohhmygoodness the snuggling. I’m Mistress’ little cuddle whore and I think I’m more excited about falling asleep in her arms or her in mine than anything else. It’s something that I’ve missed so much this summer. So much so that I’ve gotten out of work some days and texted her, saying “lets snuggle tonight”. She’ll text back agreeing, and then I’ll head home, snuggling under the blankets and cuddling my pillow and her shirt tightly against me.
  • Making it all about her. This summer has been so much about me, in terms of the sex, unfortunately. Next weekend, Mistress will be tired from her activities during the day, and I fully intend to snuggle on the couch or something while she’s watching tv and just suck on her nipples, since she loves that so much.

I’m really excited, if you couldn’t tell, and I’m sure I’ll have a lot to report!


When Mistress and I are apart, we’re typically constantly in contact with each other if we’re not at work or otherwise engaged. It’s really comforting, because the distance has been a little hard on me this summer. Not only have I missed her company and her smile and the way her eyes light up when she talks about things, I’ve missed that in-person submission.

Lately, that desire to submit has translated into text-scenes. The first time it happened, I sent her a text that said something to the effect of “*curled up at your feet, sighing with contentment, watching you work*” and it kinda just flowed from there but lately they’ve expanded into full-on scenes, and I love it.

For example, late last night, we had one of these text-submission scenes. My contribution is in bold and hers is in plain text.

*kneeling between your feet, hands behind my back, head bowed, I whisper, “Mistress, may I touch you?”

*looks over with a cocked eyebrow, “excuse me?*

*clearing my throat and speaking a little louder, “Mistress, may I please have permission to touch you?”*

*Leaning back, turning back to my computer, “Have you earned it?”*

*bowing my head further, knowing the answer, I respond “no, Mistress”.*

*”That’s right. So either earn it, or stay in your place”*

*standing quietly, I place a nipple clamp on each nipple, wrapping the chain around my wrists, and walk over to your bathroom, cleaning it spotlessly*

*looking up with a smirk, “well done”*

*kneeling before you again, nipple clamps still in place, I ask permission to touch you again.*

“still looking a tad unimpressed, “I suppose”*

*unwrapping the chain from my wrists, I slip it around your legs, effectively chaining myself to you. I kiss each of your feet once, and begin the slow crawl up your legs, wincing each time the chain catches on the couch*

*shifts my legs here and there, just to be mean*

*as I get close to the top of your thighs, the chain catches behind your knees, and won’t move. I reach to fix it and you stop me, instructing me to leave it as it is. I place a kiss between your thighs, then resuming present, my nipples pulled taut thanks to the chain that’s caught, I ask permission to touch your pussy*

*Pulling the chain a little more, I grant you permission*

*I spread your legs gently, effectively pulling the chain tighter. I slide down and gently run my tongue along your slit, dipping in and flicking your clit lightly. Every time I pull up, the chain pulls. However, in an effort to please Mistress, I don’t make a sound*

*I relax, letting you work*

*I lick and flick your clit with my tongue, sliding two fingers inside your pussy, starting a gentle rhythm. The more the chain pulls, the hornier I get, and the faster the rhythm of fucking you gets*

*encouraging you, I start to ride your fingers*

*I’m fucking you as fast and as deep as I can, as I take your clit into my mouth and toy with it using my tongue. Then I casually slide one finger in your ass, twisting gently as I keep fucking you*

*I buck a little harder, keeping up with your face*

*flicking your clit faster and faster, I coax you closer to orgasm, as I fuck you as fast as my fingers will go*

*I orgasm, arching my back and pushing into you*

*whimpering a little, I suck your clit into my mouth and hold it there as you come*

*”good girl”*

*smiling softly, I look up at you, your cum on my lips, hoping you’ll grant me a reward*

*I pet your hair gently, kissing you softly. “Again, you little whore”*

*smiling with pleasure, I sink back between your legs, starting all over again*

*I hold your head and tug your hair here and there*

*moaning as you pull, I keep working your clit, coaxing you back to the edge again. I fuck you gently this time, penetrating slowly and deeply, pulling out even slower. My chain catches on the couch, pulling my nipples hard, and my cry of pain gets muffled by your pussy, turning it into a hum against your clit*

*recognizing that little hum, I spread my legs a little more, pulling the chain tighter*

*I fight to keep from slipping into subspace as I continue flicking your clit and slowly increasing the speed at which I’m fucking your pussy*

*I wrap my legs around you, pushing you closer to the brink, testing you a little*

*Feeling my nipples being simultaneously stretched tight and pressed against you, I fight so hard to keep from slipping into subspace, my moans of pain actually helping me stimulate your clit. I continue fucking you harder, as I trace my tongue along your slit and rim your ass gently.*

*I pull your hair tight, matching the pressure on your nipples*

*slipping into subspace, I manage to keep flicking your clit, the action being almost natural now*

*I pull away, holding you in subspace, pulling tighter on your clamps*

*crumpling against you, I slip deeper, the clamps being pulled tighter, succumbing to the feelings, trusting you to keep me safe*

*pulling your head back, I start to kiss your neck, then bite hard, pushing you*

*deep in subspace, all I can do is beg for more. The words finally form, and I whisper softly, “more…pain”*

*pulling your chain again, I keep your head held back and start nibbling your neck and lips*

*starting to slip out of subspace, I moan exquisitely, moving back to present, nipples pulled taut, awaiting your instructions*

*”fuck yourself, whore.”*

*obeying, I spread my legs wide, my nipples still chained to your knees, and fuck myself. Already near orgasm, I fight off two, maybe three orgasms, before I gain control enough to speak and request permission to come*

*”ha, no, this is too fun to watch”*

*obeying still, I spread my legs wider, fucking myself deeply  as if I were allowed to orgasm, and I start to rock against my hand, moaning and obviously dripping wet. I continue to fight off orgasm after orgasm, my eyes averted just below yours*

*showing you my breasts, “do you want them, whore? Work for it.”*

*launching harder into fucking, I can’t stand it a moment longer. I’ve fought off a couple dozen orgasms and I cry out, crumpling at your feet, nipples still chained to your knees, as I succumb to the biggest orgasm to date.*

*pats your head, “well done little one”*

*whispering a quiet “thank you Mistress”, I lay quietly at your feet, awaiting your next command.*

*”relax dear, join me”, patting the couch*

*crawling onto the couch and into your lap, I promptly fall asleep, almost purring as I snuggle against you”*

*leans down, kissing your head and petting you*

Over these past few scenes, I’ve discovered a few things.

  • Mistress casually mentioned about a week ago that she likes her ankles and the inside of her wrists kissed. I’ve included variations of that into the text-scenes to gauge what she likes about it. I’m really excited to include it in our upcoming adventures next weekend (more on that in a later post). I want to try those almost-sucking kisses she places on my hand on the inside of her wrists and I want to try tonguing her ankles lightly, hitting those typically-ticklish spots before I kiss them.
  • I really like an almost pet-like version of submission. It’s more than just handing over the control over my body. I really like the idea of being curled up at Mistress’ feet and similar things. I like not thinking and just submitting to the commands Mistress gives, and as much as I whine, I love the training. I’ve fallen in love with tuna salad, started to lose weight, and expanded my general horizons through Mistress’ training.
  • I like that while I have a strict set of rules for everyday use, Mistress entrusts me with the responsibility of following, expecting that she shouldn’t have to ask me to follow them. The only time she actually points out my negligence in following them is in the bedroom (where she’s generally more dominant to begin with) or when I’m being really insubordinate for whatever reason.
  • I would be perfectly content to (with permission) pull Mistress onto my lap and gently tease/suck her nipples until she asked me to stop. I really like the way her nipples fill the hole where my lips make an “o”.

F/f vs M/f

So obviously Mistress and I have a F/f relationship, but I wanted to explore why I love it so much.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

From what I’ve experienced with Mistress, F/f BDSM relationships are sweeter. The sex is better because each knows exactly what the other wants. The snuggling and outside of D/s time is also better. We’re women 🙂

Plus, I feel less self conscious. I added two photos below. The blonde is what I /think/ I look like in submission. The other photo is what Mistress /thinks/ she looks like. But the best part is, what I /actually/ look like is sexier (in Mistress’ eyes). What Mistress /actually/ looks like is sexier in my eyes.

Honestly, don’t tell her I said this, but I think Mistress is perfect. From the curve underneath her breasts to the way her waist dips gracefully into her hips, or the dimple right where her back and her ass meet, utter perfection.

Thats all 🙂

<p>“Perhaps love is a minor madness. And as with madness, it’s unendurable alone. The one person who can relieve us is of course the sole person we cannot go to: the one we love. So instead we seek out allies, even among strangers and wives, fellow patients who, if they can’t touch the edge of our particular sorrow, have felt something that cuts nearly as deep.” ― Andrew Sean Greer, The Story of a Marriage<br />

She said no.

Well today was a bit crazy. Mistress said no. I begged and begged and begged and she said no. I was shocked! Haha.
But it actually turned out to be a good thing. We had some good conversation. We took a couple photos that I’ve been wanting to take. We snuggled a bit and tried to enjoy the hot weather. And most importantly, Mistress taught me a lesson. At the end of the day, she’s in charge. I’ve been forgetting my place a lot lately, and Mistress helped me see that.
But at the same time, we did a bit of learning too. Mistress showed me how all the energy flows to the point in her body that she’s concentrating on when she meditates. I got to show Mistress a couple things too.
I definitely think I prefer days like today. Soft. Quiet. Cuddly. I like when Mistress kisses my forehead and my hands 🙂

And don’t tell Mistress, but I wish I would have walked with her today.

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