Living this Life

Hello! This blog is the launching pad for recording my latest life change – that of offering submission to my Dominant. So that we’re all on the same page, I’m dividing this post into three sections: O/our lifestyle, why did  I choose this blog title, and what exactly I’m hoping to learn. If you have advice to offer, you’re welcome to comment, as I’d love to learn as much as I can!

O/our Lifestyle:

It’s important to understand what exactly W/we (Mistress and I) have agreed on for O/our lifestyle. W/we are not a 24/7 dominant/submissive pair, but W/we do implement portions of dominance and submission into our daily lives. I do have daily chores that are reported to Mistress in my daily chore log and this blog is another part of my submission, but I don’t call her Mistress every moment of every day. W/we do have specific personas for O/our lifestyle, so that I’m not just a plaything and so that Mistress has some creative input, as she likes that. I’ll go into more detail on that in a  future post.

Why I Chose  This Blog Title:

Mistress and I spent the first few weeks of O/our relationship outlining what was expected, wanted, etc. I do have a list of punishments (I’ll go into detail in a later post) and Mistress does have very clear expectations for me, but W/we don’t have a massive  amount of pain that is used. Hence the “satin”  in my spankings. Yes, Mistress uses clothespins on me, etc, but W/we don’t need a ton of pain for me to understand  my place.

What I’m Hoping to Learn:

Mistress made creating this blog one of my assignments for this week, but I am hoping to learn more  about O/our lifestyle. I think Mistress wanted to be able to read about my thoughts on O/our relationship, but I also wanted an opportunity to put my thoughts on paper and be able to track my development.

In the interest of keeping this first post short, I’ll end there.

In submission.


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