I’ve been doing some reading on subspace lately, as Mistress has requested that I enter subspace during my daily ritual.

Wikipedia gave me the following definition

Subspace is a metaphor for the state the bottom’s mind and body is in during a deeply involved play scene. Many types of BDSM play invoke strong physical responses. The psychological aspect of BDSM also causes many bottoms to mentally separate themselves from their environment as they process the experience. Deep subspace is often characterized as a state of deep recession and incoherence. Deep subspace may also cause a danger in newer bottoms who are unfamiliar with the experience, and require the dominant to keep a careful watch to ensure the bottom isn’t placing himself or herself in danger.

It also indicated that aftercare, defined as follows, was often needed after an intense experience in subspace

Common aftercare practices may include hugging, kissing, hair-stroking, cuddling, words of praise or gratitude, or general affirmation of an emotional bond between partners.

As I read more and more, I discovered that subspace has levels, triggers, and procedures. I wanted to find a way to discuss my personal subspace with Mistress, so I am writing this post to do that.

I have my own levels

  • Light: usually happens for short periods of time, a few minutes, etc. Usually initiated through light or moderate pain. I still feel completely coherent and still have control of all of my motor skills, etc.
  • Moderate: usually happens for a bit longer period of time. This is the kind of subspace I slip into during ritual. I lose a little coherence, and slight motor skills, but I feel blissful and happy. I can snap out of it still, but it typically takes a “coming down” period. Because my ritual associates pain on my nipples with entering subspace, I believe that nipple pain will eventually become a trigger for subspace that Mistress could use.
  • Deep: I haven’t reached this point. This would be something I would only attempt with Mistress, as it would be important for someone to be watching me to ensure that I don’t slip too far.

As I mentioned, I believe pain on my nipples will become a sure trigger for subspace for me. I’ve been using it in my ritual, and Mistress was able to get me to slip into subspace today just through the application of pain to my nipples.

I’ll have to explore this a little more, and see where it goes.


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