Week of Free[not].

I headed home last Sunday to be with my family and visit Mistress for the week. Because I was going to be amongst family and likely be busy, eating out, catching up, and just all around having fun, Mistress granted me a week off from my chore log.

Day one, it was liberating. It was kindof nice to not have to think about that 10pm deadline or do chores while I was home.

Day two, the excitement began to wane. I felt like I was missing something or forgetting something and it put me on edge a little. When I realized it was my chore log, I texted Mistress, and that’s when she told me I’d been given the week off.

Day three, I really started to miss it. I missed the routine, I missed pleasing Mistress, and I noticed that I was getting a lot sassier with Mistress. I asked for an orgasm during a completely inappropriate moment (Mistress and I were saying our goodbyes after a few days of time together). Not only did I get one orgasm, but I asked for another. I should have never asked for the first one.

Day four, I noticed that I was getting much bolder in my conversations with Mistress, and I also noticed a deep desire to serve. Mistress was actually feeling ill, so my desire to serve was filled a little bit, as I was able to text her and try to encourage her and make her feel better.

Day five was awful. I realllllyyyyyy wanted to serve Mistress, but she was treating me as her equal. I found myself provoking her over and over again, to the point of needing to be punished.


I’m not exactly sure what it is about my chore log that I like, but I definitely know that I have grown to need it. I felt almost punished this last week, as I was almost denied the opportunity to serve Mistress. I was able to serve her sexually when we were together, but I wasn’t able to serve her through everyday tasks like I enjoy doing. I think I’ve found that I like the two equally – something I didn’t realize when we started our BDSM experience. I’ve also learned that sex isn’t everything. Mistress gave me close to 20 orgasms from Sunday night to Wednesday morning, and now I have to wait until next Friday (Yes, July 6th) for another orgasm. However, as the time goes by, my underlying need for sex is there, but I’m gaining control of it. Perhaps that was Mistress’ plan after all. I’m sure I’ll be practically begging by Friday, but until then, I’m learning to control my desires.


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