[Talking] Dirty

So last week, Mistress and I engaged in our usual sextivities, with one teensy change.

She teased me so much and so badly, that this dirty talk started to spill out of my mouth. First, it was a teensy “Tell me I’m your little whore”. Then it was a little “Show me I’m your slut, your slave”. Then it progressed to “Show me I’m worthless, that I’m nothing, that I’m just your pet, your toy”.

My mind was racing. Where is all this coming from? All this was coming from the little submissive who’s too nervous to make suggestions in bed, because she hates talking about sex face to face. And here I am, begging Mistress to talk dirty to me, telling her I wouldn’t come unless she demanded for me to do so.

And then it hit me. All this time, I’ve slowly been dancing the line between toying with submission and succumbing to it. I’ve gone from enjoying it during sex to reallyyyy needing it to get off. But not just to get off. I’ve found that completing my chore log is now one of my favorite activities each day. In fact, I’ve grown to miss it on the weekends. And even more than that, I’ve found myself seeking out ways to please Mistress each day, silently hoping she’ll notice, and I’ll get that tiny hint of praise from her.

That’s where talking dirty comes in. When Mistress drove me to the edge of orgasm last week and forced me to stand there, teetering on the edge, while still driving me closer to orgasm, I saw the pleasure on her face. I saw the satisfaction she gained from teasing her little pet. And that’s when I wanted to give her more. Satisfaction wasn’t enough. I wanted her to be able to show me just how much she owned me. And so I asked her to.

And now I hope she does every single time we have sex 🙂

This morning, she texted me the perfect kiss. It started with me on my knees and ended with a breathless almost-kiss, as she whispered the word “whore” into my mouth. Utter bliss.

And that is why my Mistress is the best Mistress in the world.


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