Heel[ed] Beauty

So Mistress used “heel” for the first time yesterday. Pardon me for sounding like a sorority girl, but ohmygod it was perfect. We were walking down the sidewalk and she said something that provoked me, and I stopped walking. She turned around, and looking at me, simply said “heel”. It was so simple, so subtle, that it was perfect. I obeyed, walking the regulatory one pace behind, until she offered me her arm and indicated that I could walk next to her again.

As the day progressed, one more simple d/s moment slipped into our afternoon. As Mistress was engaging in her usual tease/denial activities, she progressed to actual sex. I promised that I wouldn’t orgasm until she allowed it, and she looked back at me smiling, knowing I’d obey. she coaxed me to the edge of orgasm and I backed myself off. She coaxed again and I backed down. She coaxed once more and once more I backed down. Mistress was genuinely pleased that I had backed myself off the edge no less than five times before she allowed me to orgasm.

Yesterday was a mix of interesting and perfect. 🙂


The parts for my collar also arrived in the mail yesterday and I literally cannot WAIT until O/our small and simple collaring ceremony. I’ve been working extremely hard on my Statement of Commitment, as well as the editing of O/our contract and I am truly excited to see them be put to use.

I apologize for the randomness of this post but I had one final thought that I wanted to document. I’ve been thinking about asking Mistress to use Operant Conditioning. There are four things in Pavlovian Conditioning; Unconditioned stimulus (US), Unconditioned Response (UR), Conditioned Stimulus (CS) and Conditioned Response (CR). If Mistress were to correlate a simple act with a sexual one (say licking something off her finger correlated to a clitoral orgasm or running her fingers through her hair to very hard making out), she could, in effect, train me to be aroused by simple casual acts. The effect, I believe, could be quite delicious.


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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Btw, it would be icing on the cake if you could upload some pictures to go along with your posts.

  2. That is lovely! My dom and I love puppy play, and if he told me to heel I’d melt. Ideally, I want him to walk me around the city in a leash, buuuut maybe that has to stay a dream. 🙂

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