Chores :/

So, last week, I didn’t earn an orgasm.

Mistress, being the kind woman she is, granted me an orgasm anyway, but through pain alone.

However, it is now Thursday of the following week and I am aching to play with my clit. Or touch my nipples. Or even to run my fingers along my slit.

This week has taught me that pleasing Mistress can’t just be an afterthought though. If I truly want to please her and earn a 3 on my chores, I have to actively work at it. Just because I do what I’m supposed to doesn’t mean I’ve earned a reward.

This brings me to my next thought – I’ve been complaining all week about how much I’d like an orgasm. However, when Mistress and I are together lately, I’ve gotten two, three, even four orgasms and she hasn’t gotten any. That’s not being submissive and serving at all. It’s something I need to work on and something I’ll definitely be addressing in my personal actions in the next few weeks.

Not only do I plan to address that, but I plan to do more things for Mistress in general, like sending her sweet/cute texts or just randomly/spontaneously doing things for her. She wakes me up every morning, helps me through all kinds of situations, and is always there for me so I plan to do more.


Well, that’s my August resolutions 🙂


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  1. “granted me an orgasm anyway, but through pain alone”

    Well out of curiosity, what did Mistress do to you?

    Btw, I love your updates!

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