Erotica – First Public Piece

From time to time, I write casual erotica. Mistress occasionally requests a piece from me as well, in exchange for small treats. This is the first piece I’ve shared publicly, written for Mistress earlier today.

It’s 3am and I’m lying in bed next to you, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. I roll onto my side, looking over at you, perfectly asleep. Your lips, softly closed, so kissable. Your jaw, so sexy. Your hands, tucked under the pillow and near your face, so perfect. I lean over and gently kiss you, once. Then twice. Your eyes almost flutter open, and you smile your knowing smile, probably thinking that my need for sex is insatiable. (It is.)

Since you’re awake, I lean over, kissing you one more time. You gently kiss back, slowly getting more urgent, and then I stop, breaking the kiss. Moving lower, I softly take your nipple into my mouth. Tugging with my lips, sucking slowly, it gets harder and harder. You moan, lazily. Flicking your other nipple with my fingers, I continue, slowly and gently, until you’re a little frustrated at my lack of energy. Kissing each nipple gently I slide lower yet, kissing my way down your stomach, past your navel. Nudging your thighs apart with my cheek, I softly run my tongue along your slit. I do it again, dipping inside just a little. You’re already wet, and I giggle a little, flicking my tongue across your clit, pausing to make a circle, then flicking some more. Sliding my arms under your legs, I grip your hips, pulling you closer to my mouth.

As I lick and suck gently, you grow more and more urgent, frustrated that I’m not fucking you. You reach down and start rubbing your clit, and I lick along next to you, flicking the bottom as you rub the top. Tracing along your slit, I gently tongue fuck you, barely penetrating, just enough to make you even hornier. I slide first one, then fingers inside you, fucking slow and deep, matching your fingers on your clit. Catching on, you start rubbing faster. So I start fucking faster. You go faster. Then I do. Then you do. Then, matching your thrust against my face, I slide one finger in your ass, twisting as I keep fucking your pussy. Reaching up with my other hand, I lightly flick your nipple, catching you off guard. You moan, as the sensations start to build and work together.

Suddenly I stop. “Roll over,” I say. You do, and I push your knees up under you, angling for deeper penetration yet, and I start fucking you hard and fast, grazing your clit with my thumb, I coach you closer and closer to orgasm, when suddenly, I stop. “Meh, I’m tired”, I say, laying on my back. Not about to take no for an answer, you straddle my face, leaning over me, flicking my clit once, feeling how wet I am. You tell me that I don’t get to come unless you do. Starting to work your magic, you bring me to the edge of orgasm again and again, threatening me not to come. Not letting me even get a chance to touch you because I’m moaning so much, you keep it up, pushing me to the edge and forcing me to stop myself from coming again and again.

Finally you stop, and I seize the opportunity. Fucking you hard, flicking your clit with my tongue, I force you to orgasm hard and fast. You buck against my face and I suck your clit into my mouth as you ride your orgasm, moaning. Flicking your clit gently with my tongue, you rock against me, the tiny bits of pleasure pushing you right back to arousal.

As your orgasm subsides, you lean down, and do your worst – sucking my ass and my pussy, tugging on my clit with your teeth. I beg to be allowed to come, and you say no, again and again. You stop, crawl off me, snuggling next to me, and twisting my nipples hard, you command me to come. I obey, and orgasm hard. However, it’s nothing like the orgasm I’d hoped for, clitoral stimulation and all. I whimper in disappointment and you look at me smiling. “Maybe you shouldn’t tease your Mistress next time.”

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