Erotica – Happy Birthday :)

Written just for fun for Mistress

I walk in the room, and immediately fall to my knees at your feet. It’s your birthday, and there I knelt before you, wearing nothing, head bowed, yours for the using. You tilted my chin up, kissing me gently, and said, “it’s my birthday. Make me happy”. With a smile on my face, I obeyed. I kissed back, even more gently than you had kissed me. Reaching for your shirt, I pulled it over your head. Leaning in, I took first one nipple, then the other, into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around each nipple gently, I coaxed them to erection. I sucked and flicked and tugged and tongued your nipples until you began to moan. I kept one nipple in my mouth, tugging gently with my teeth, sucking, then tugging again, as I traced a line down your body, to your pussy. Running a finger casually along your slit, I dipped inside, thrusting all the way in. Pulling out, slowly, I make eye contact with you, taking the entirety of my finger in my mouth, enjoying the taste of you on my finger. Tracing back down your body, I slip my finger inside you again, thrusting, filling you as full as I could. And then, I start a rhythm. Intentionally only grazing your clit occasionally, I fuck your ass and your pussy with one hand, encouraging you to suck the fingers of my other hand. As I increased my rhythm, I slid my fingers out of your mouth, so as to rub your clit intentionally. i slowly but purposefully intensify the rhythm of my fingers until you’re being fucked fast and hard. feeling you begin to rock against my hands, i intensify the rhythm further, bringing you to the brink of orgasm. Right before you come, I kiss you, hard, keeping you from throwing your head back. That inability to move, that restraint of motion, just intensifies your orgasm further as you have no outlet for the intensity of the feeling. Coaxing you through your orgasm and back down off the edge, I kiss you gently, and kneel before you, legs spread wide, tits pushed out, waiting for whatever abuse or torture you might decide to throw my way.


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