Erotica – Older Piece

This is from early May. Not pleased with the quality, but I like the general scenario.

It’s midafternoon, and I’ve been well behaved all day. You lead me up to your room and invite me to join you in bed. I do, pleased that I’ve gained your favor. As I lie with my head on your shoulder, you gently stroke my hair, cuddling with me. I’m quite content, and my breathing slows, as I feel all my stress and worry leaving me, just glad to be with you.
You lean over and begin kissing me gently and I smile, hoping that our sexual encounter might be romantic in nature. Your finger gently traces my jaw line and I weave my hand into your hair, kissing you back with the same gentle, passionate kisses. You reach down between my legs and flick my clit once, with just one finger. I let out a soft moan and you smile, kindly, asking me to please be quiet. I slowly let my guard down, almost positive that you plan to be kind to me today. After all, I’ve done as you instructed all day.
You suck on my fingers suggestively, occasionally flicking a nipple or nibbling my ear, ensuring that I am aroused. You then kindly ask me to stand up and spread my legs, shoulder width apart. I obey, and you slip a vibrator in my pussy, turning it on a nice, low setting. You kiss me on the cheek and then turn to leave, discreetly taking the vibrator’s remote with you. You ask me to please remain where I am, that you’ll be back momentarily.
You leave, and moments, then minutes, begin to pass. Suddenly, I feel the vibrations getting stronger and stronger. I realize that you’ve taken the remote with you and I let out a soft moan. Struggling to remain standing motionless, as you’ve requested, I fight the sensations in my pussy. Then, the vibrator is going full speed. I clamp my pussy muscles, trying to hold the vibrator in, while also feeling my muscles pulse with arousal. I’m nearing the edge when suddenly my legs buckle, and I fall to my knees. Ashamed that I wasn’t able to withhold your one simple request, I hang my head.

You reenter the room at that moment and seeing me on my knees, you become very angry. You express your disgust at my lack of respect for your kindness and mercy, and you pull me to my feet by my nipple. You throw me on the bed, tying my wrists together above my head and commanding me to spread my legs. You begin by slowly swatting my pussy and then getting faster and harder, until I’m nearly screaming. You can tell that I’m still on the edge of orgasm, and so you lean forward, commanding me to close my eyes. When I do, you position your pussy right above my mouth, telling me that if I can’t bring you to one good orgasm, why do I deserve the same?
Struggling to push myself up, I begin licking and tongue-fucking you to the best of my ability, knowing that I’m not going to be able to split your attention long enough to get you to orgasm. I try, as best as I can, but I fail to arouse you even enough to please you.
You move, and beginning your torturous punishment, you smile. Slipping one finger just barely inside my pussy, you begin gently teasefucking me. You know the urgency and depth with which I wish to be fucked and you deny me, keeping me on that edge of orgasm. Untying my wrists, you offer me a chance at redemption.
“You have two minutes,” you say, “either I orgasm, or you suffer. Your choice.”
Working as furiously as I can, I suck one nipple into my mouth, as I slide a finger into your pussy and push another into your ass. You let out a small gasp at the intense sensation all at once. I get a good rhythm going, and I can feel you gently rocking with me. I smile, hoping that I’m finally going to please my mistress. As I rake my teeth across your nipple for what feels like the millionth time, I slam my fingers deep inside of you, and flick your clit, just once. You come, hard, and I smile in triumph. You ride the waves of your orgasm, and look up at me with disgust.

“Get off me,” you say.
I do as I’m told, and you leave, without so much as a thank you.


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