Whew. Let me start with this had me so hot I had to change my panties 🙂

I’ve been reading and reading and reading various BDSM articles and blogs lately, per Mistress’ request to hone my art and understand my craft. Late late late last night I stumbled across the perfect site. I’m a very femme lesbian, submissive as all hell, dating a rather butch lesbian with moderate trans tendencies. Reading this site was like reading scenes from Mistress and I’s very own sexcapades. However, reading them from an outsider perspective gave me massive insight into the things that we might try to make our sex life just that teensy bit better.

What is this magical site of wonder? – you ask.

SugarButch Chronicles

Just go. Don’t ask questions, just go.

Authored by the illustrious Sinclair Sexsmith, the work is fantastic. I wish I had the writing prowess he does. Between the advice I’ve gleaned just by reading and the pleasure I’ve experienced just by perusing, I’ve likely spent half of the past 24 hours in front of those Chronicles. Good thing it’s a Sunday.

Be sure to join the mailing list too, as then you receive the password that unearths all kinds of mystical wonder (the password protected works).


Well, I’m going to go back to my perusing. Happy reading! 🙂


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