She said no.

Well today was a bit crazy. Mistress said no. I begged and begged and begged and she said no. I was shocked! Haha.
But it actually turned out to be a good thing. We had some good conversation. We took a couple photos that I’ve been wanting to take. We snuggled a bit and tried to enjoy the hot weather. And most importantly, Mistress taught me a lesson. At the end of the day, she’s in charge. I’ve been forgetting my place a lot lately, and Mistress helped me see that.
But at the same time, we did a bit of learning too. Mistress showed me how all the energy flows to the point in her body that she’s concentrating on when she meditates. I got to show Mistress a couple things too.
I definitely think I prefer days like today. Soft. Quiet. Cuddly. I like when Mistress kisses my forehead and my hands 🙂

And don’t tell Mistress, but I wish I would have walked with her today.


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