That First Weekend

The long-awaited weekend has come and gone, and boy was it wonderful. Mistress had told me that she’d help me gently take the strapon the first time – she’d sit in a chair and I could slowly lower myself onto it. Well that wasn’t necessary. Our first night together was casual, just our usual sex. But our second night, delicious. Mistress teased me relentlessly, until I was dripping wet. I got to snuggle up next to her, casually suckling our nipples like I love so much, and finally, she asked if I’d like to be fucked. I smiled, and said yes, of course. She got up and put on her dick, with just a little lube, and got back on the bed, kissing me once. She looked at me, commanding, “suck my dick”. I smiled, the words sounded so right coming out of her mouth, and obeyed. I sucked gently, tugging with my lips, doing my best to please her. She petted my hair, telling me what a good little girl I was, then she moved over me. She gently slid it in, knowing how wet I was, and then started gently fucking me. I gasped and moaned a little, and begged for more. Next thing I knew, she was fucking me hard, and I was begging her to let me take the whole thing. She giggled softly and told me that I’d already taken the whole thing, without a problem. I was impressed. 

I still wanted more, though, so I tucked my legs over her shoulders, begging her to fuck me deeper. She obliged, thrusting her dick as deep as it would go, encouraged by my moans. Finally, the orgasm she so desperately wanted to give me racked my body. My back arched into her hands, my pussy pressed against her, my legs wrapped tight around her hips, my hands pulling her hair hard, and I screamed a delicious, throaty, pleasure filled scream. And I shook. Ohhhhh, how I shook. That first orgasm took me hardddddd. Yet she didn’t stop. She kissed me gently, once or twice I’m not sure, and then started up again. Finally, she slid out, and laid on top of me, kissing me gently, twisting a nipple here and there. Quietly, I asked her to fuck me again. She obliged again, such a wonderful Mistress, and crawled back to slide in again. She had barely slid halfway into me when I came right then, a quiet but shaking orgasm. 


And that was just the first night! 🙂 


Mistress also let me (finally) wash her hair, and her body. It was wonderful. I love being able to serve her in that way. She reciprocated, washing my body, and I purred at her touch. It’s amazing to me how much I love her hands on my body, but it’s just that love of touch and physical contact that I have. 

Mistress treats me so well and I am so very blessed that I belong to her 🙂 


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