Written by Mistress

Sometimes Mistress writes me little stories – this is one of them 🙂


I throw you into the hotel room and slam the door, hissing “How /dare/ you embarrass me in public like that? Who do you think you are, you little slut?”
You’ve apologized profusely already, scared about the punishment coming to you, but maybe you should have thought about the consequences of disobeying and then /arguing/ with me in the restaurant.
I order you to your knees, and naturally you bow your head, both out of habit and a little shame. Suddenly, a sharp slap across your face, “Bad girl.”
For about 10 minutes, I conduct corporal punishment, asking you what you did wrong, then a quick slap across the cheek.
Finally, I raise your chin, lightly kissing both cheeks, and caressing your face, “you’re sorry, aren’t you?” With a timid yes, I allow you to stand, and order you to undress. I slip a hand down to your pussy, dripping wet. “ohhhh does my little one want to get fucked?”
I shove you down on the bed so you’re laying on your stomach and command you not to move.
After a few minutes of motionless tension, you feel my cock slam into you, pounding hard.
I hold you down, forcing you to take it, “If my bad girl wants to get fucked, she’ll get fucked,” I hissed, adding “don’t you dare come.”
For about 15 minutes I fuck you hard, pounding your pussy, hearing you whimper holding back orgasm after orgasm and suddenly, I pull out.
I lay down over your back, dragging my nails with me, and whisper in your ear, “come, you little whore.”


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