About Mistress & I

I’m a young college student, respectably intelligent, with varied hobbies and interests. I have known Mistress (S in non-BDSM posts) nearly twelve years and have been in some form of a loving relationship with her for about 5. W/we are both new to the dominant/submissive lifestyle, Mistress more-so than I am, and are working very hard to learn O/our way around it.

W/we have taken on personas in our relationship, as discussed in my introductory post. Mistress has taken on the persona of a 1920’s gentleman. Refined, worldly, polite, but rather dominant. I have taken on a persona combining a 1920’s woman with the class and mystique of a Venetian courtesan. Classy, polite, mysterious, sexy, but rather submissive. Rather appropriate, yes?

W/we spent the first few weeks of our relationship working out O/our expectations and my chores, found here, as well as how I would be punished for infractions that were sure to arise as part of the training process, outlined here. We have a strict list of rules. I have a daily ritual that Mistress has assigned me as well as positions that I am working to memorize.

Mistress has assigned me a pre-collar, a chain link bracelet woven with yellow hemp, to be worn until early September, when W/we plan to conduct a proper collaring ceremony.


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