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Heel[ed] Beauty

So Mistress used “heel” for the first time yesterday. Pardon me for sounding like a sorority girl, but ohmygod it was perfect. We were walking down the sidewalk and she said something that provoked me, and I stopped walking. She turned around, and looking at me, simply said “heel”. It was so simple, so subtle, that it was perfect. I obeyed, walking the regulatory one pace behind, until she offered me her arm and indicated that I could walk next to her again.

As the day progressed, one more simple d/s moment slipped into our afternoon. As Mistress was engaging in her usual tease/denial activities, she progressed to actual sex. I promised that I wouldn’t orgasm until she allowed it, and she looked back at me smiling, knowing I’d obey. she coaxed me to the edge of orgasm and I backed myself off. She coaxed again and I backed down. She coaxed once more and once more I backed down. Mistress was genuinely pleased that I had backed myself off the edge no less than five times before she allowed me to orgasm.

Yesterday was a mix of interesting and perfect. šŸ™‚


The parts for my collar also arrived in the mail yesterday and I literally cannot WAIT until O/our small and simple collaring ceremony. I’ve been working extremely hard on my Statement ofĀ Commitment, as well as the editing of O/our contract and I am truly excited to see them be put to use.

I apologize for the randomness of this post but I had one final thought that I wanted to document. I’ve been thinking about asking Mistress to use Operant Conditioning.Ā There are four things in Pavlovian Conditioning; Unconditioned stimulus (US), Unconditioned Response (UR), Conditioned Stimulus (CS) and Conditioned Response (CR). If Mistress were to correlate a simple act with a sexual one (say licking something off her finger correlated to a clitoral orgasm or running her fingers through her hair to very hard making out), she could, in effect, train me to be aroused by simple casual acts. The effect, I believe, could be quite delicious.


Secret Wishes



So, if Mistress ever did either one of these things to me, I might die from pleasure. The first one, because IĀ love pain inflicted on my nipples. Mistress has noticed that lately and has been taking advantage of it, but I love how the position in the first picture reduces the woman to a state of completely and utterly powerless submission. The second one because IĀ love when Mistress initiates kisses and I love the clear power that the dominant woman has in that kiss.


Just my thoughts šŸ™‚

Formulating Rules

When Mistress and I first started our d/s relationship, we took time to come up with a bare-bones outline of what W/we’d like to see in the relationship. This framework became O/our expectations, found here. As W/we progressed, new things came up, other parameters were needed.

Next, a set of punishments were created, which are still in place today. Mistress wrote up a list of about 30 punishments and then asked me to rank them from 1-10, in terms of least “painful” to most “painful”. I did as she directed, and then W/we collaborated on enough others to fill out the list. She did reserve some “non-debatable” punishments (outlined at the bottom of the punishmentsĀ page) that she could use instead of one of the ranked punishments, depending on the severity of my infraction.

As the punishments found their place, W/we decided that daily chores would be appropriate as well. Mistress outlined things she’d like me to do and I was permitted to offer suggestions as well. As W/we worked, W/we found a list of simple chores and tasks that would remind me of my place yet still serve a purpose and not be mindless work. I submit a daily chore log to Mistress before 10pm and outline my work. She then awards me points based on my successes or failures. I must have earned 13 points by the end of a Monday-Friday time period to be granted an orgasm.

As these chores were found to be successful, I still had a desire to serve Mistress. She then created a list of things I could do when I was with her, my favorite being that I get theĀ privilegeĀ of servicing her to orgasm each night. She allowed me to express my wishes again, and as a result, we have determined that washing her hair is something I might earn as a special reward. I’m very excited for that reward to happen :]

Today, W/we finally came up with rules. As I told Mistress, I was very excited about this. I believe that she was shocked that the anal plug rule is my favorite. (Secret time: IĀ really like anal. Mistress introduced it into O/our sex life a couple months ago and it is one of my favorite things.)

I’m excited to see how theĀ implementationĀ of the new rules works.

Well, two posts in one day. I’m all out of ideas :/

In submission.