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She said no.

Well today was a bit crazy. Mistress said no. I begged and begged and begged and she said no. I was shocked! Haha.
But it actually turned out to be a good thing. We had some good conversation. We took a couple photos that I’ve been wanting to take. We snuggled a bit and tried to enjoy the hot weather. And most importantly, Mistress taught me a lesson. At the end of the day, she’s in charge. I’ve been forgetting my place a lot lately, and Mistress helped me see that.
But at the same time, we did a bit of learning too. Mistress showed me how all the energy flows to the point in her body that she’s concentrating on when she meditates. I got to show Mistress a couple things too.
I definitely think I prefer days like today. Soft. Quiet. Cuddly. I like when Mistress kisses my forehead and my hands ūüôā

And don’t tell Mistress, but I wish I would have walked with her today.



Well. Yesterday was a rather interesting day. I managed to get punished twice within a two-hour timespan but I also made significant progress on my training¬†as well. Not sure if I’d call that a successful day or not.

Mistress and I engaged in O/our usual tomfoolery and I managed to hold off orgasm 18 times (really excited)! Mistress also gave me the fastest orgasm of my life, after all that holding off, she made me orgasm in under five seconds (hard, fast, and rough). It was a scary but particularly delicious orgasm.

I’m getting better at kissing Mistress back, as she pointed out that I used to not do so. I think that my mind just usually melts when she’s kissing me and I have to fight to stay out of my subconscious so that I can kiss her back.

During sex today, Mistress and I’s lips tangled in this almost kiss. She would whisper words into my mouth, reminding me I’m her little whore, and I’d whisper back my promises not to orgasm. I actually¬†realllyyyyy liked this. A lot.

I also went out to dinner with a [lesbian] couple I know last night and actually got a lot of sound advice in terms of Mistress/I’s relationship. I wanted to detail it out here so I have a record of it for future use.

  • Don’t get too deep in the BDSM. W/we’re new at it and it’s important to ensure that W/we’re still maintaining O/our love for each other. Don’t turn the BDSM on 24/7 ¬†unless W/we’re both in a mood.
  • Don’t forget about that vanilla sex. Sometimes it’s okay to have snuggle time and cute cuddly sex.
  • Don’t let the positions you hold dominate your love for one another. Sometimes a dominant can forget to show their love to their sub. Don’t slip into that.Don’t get too caught up on sex.¬†Sex is great, but do silly stuff too.
  • It’s all in the little things.¬†Sure, I don’t see Mistress all the time but it’s still okay to enjoy the little things like those good morning texts.

I’ll post the rest of it when I remember.