My Rules


  1. I submit myself wholly to my Mistress and my mind, body, and spirit are hers.
  2. I will consistently respect my Mistress and endeavor to please her through all my actions and words.
  3. I will offer myself willingly for punishment when I displease Mistress or break a rule.
  4. I will refer to Mistress as “ma’am” at all times, endeavoring to recognize when she desires for me to switch into character.
  5. I will ensure that all Mistress’ expectations for me are being consistently met.


  1. I will use appropriate language when speaking to Mistress and will not hesitate when responding to her.
  2. I will give complete and truthful answers to all of Mistress’ questions and will ask questions specifically and explicitly. I will give a clear reasoning if I need to answer negatively to one of Mistress’ questions.
  3. I will address Mistress as “ma’am” at all times when in submission and respond “yes ma’am” to all of her requests, instructions, and commands. I will request permission to ask questions, for favors, or for physical contact.
  4. I will not hide any feelings, requests, desires, or concerns from Mistress.


  1. When making a request, the question will be formed completely and in detail. “Kiss me?” will not be an acceptable request.
  2. Eating  sweets and/or treats will be at the discretion of Mistress and I will request permission to consume them.
  3. If I need a break from my submission for a good reason, I must ask Mistress permission, but she will grant it, although not necessarily straight away.


  1. I will wear tasteful and sexy clothing around Mistress unless permitted to do otherwise. Mistress has final say over what I choose to wear each day.
  2. When removing clothing, unless taken off by Mistress, it will be removed quickly and placed into a hamper or put away. If Mistress removes my clothing, I will take care of it when she is finished with me.
  3. I am to be naked at all times in bed.
  4. When in private with Mistress, I will wear clothing that is easily removable and comfortable. If permanently in for the evening, I will not wear underwear.


  1. I will keep my legs and underarms shaved at all times and I will maintain my pussy in a manner that is pleasing to Mistress (neatly trimmed or shaven, at my discretion).
  2. I must shower each morning but I am not to take long showers, as showers are to clean my body for Mistress, not for my pleasure. To remind me of this: when I have finished washing, I will rinse my entire body with only cold water for 1 minute on my back, 1 minute on my front and 1 minute on my pussy and ass. I am not to try to cover my body with my arms and hands during this or thereafter.
  3. I will wash my hair three times per week minimum and may take one bath per week in the evening to relax if I desire.


  1. I will complete my chores as outlined here: Chores.
  2. I will explain in detail and apologize to Mistress if I am not able to complete all my chores on time for any reason.


  1. When Mistress returns home when we are together, I will meet her at the door, silently, eyes cast down, waiting for a touch or command, and then I will greet her.
  2. When I enter a room Mistress is in or she enters a  room I am in,  I will present myself to her in a position lower than she is and wait for her to acknowledge me.
  3. I will start preparing for bed by midnight at the latest. I am then to present myself naked, kneeling by the side of the bed, anal plug in hand, waiting for further instruction. Mistress may require to inspect me before granting this permission. On getting into bed I must first offer Mistress my ass for my anal plug to be inserted if we are not to have sex.


  1. I will remember that my body is to be always pleasing to Mistress. I will walk and move in a graceful manner so that Mistress may be constantly pleased by my body.
  2. I will not cross my arms or legs, clench my hands closed, firmly shut my mouth or slouch in the house, unless Mistress gives me permission to do otherwise.
  3. I will make eye contact with Mistress only when she specifically asks me to.
  4. I will always sit at Mistress’ feet when we are alone, unless directed otherwise.


  1. Mistress may require me to assume any of the positions I have learned at any time.

Sexual Use:

  1. My entire body belongs to Mistress and I will be available for her use at all times. It is Mistress’ choice as to how to my body will be used to please her and I fully acknowledge that I no longer have ownership of my sexual being.
  2. I will never orgasm without permission from Mistress. I am not allowed to ask permission to come, but must wait until Mistress tells me to come and then come as quickly and as hard as I can for her. Such pleasure must be seen as a privilege so that I do not take advantage of it.
  3. I will never touch my breasts, nipples, pussy or clit with my hands or sex toys in any manner where I could experience sexual or sensual pleasure without permission from Mistress.
  4. My mouth, pussy and ass will be used as Mistress wishes for her pleasure. i will work hard to provide complete pleasure for Mistress. When pleasuring Mistress with my mouth, my hands shall be placed behind my back (unless otherwise instructed) so that I can use my whole body to display my hunger to Mistress. I will not restrict Mistress’ view of me. When Mistress puts her fingers or a toy to my mouth, I must kiss, lick and suck until she removes them/it.


  1. I will not hesitate in my obedience to Mistress and will respond quickly to all orders given. When told to perform a duty for Mistress, I will do so without delay or question, unless I do not understand the meaning of the order.
  2.  The needs of Mistress must always come first before my own (unless I am very ill, hurt, or in dire need) for they offer an opportunity to please her. I must be attentive to Mistress’ needs and always be ready to respond to them to the best of my abilities and in the way she has shown me.
  3.  I will learn Mistress’ preferences and habits, so I can anticipate and provide for her needs. I am to ensure that she always has a drink when she desires one, and I am to offer services when I think she may require them.


  1. Hard limits – serious pain, tattoos, piercings, scars, yelling, choking, causing physical harm, fecal play,  severe embarrassing actions in public, age play, animalism, diapers, drinking from shoe/toilet, eating out of a bowl/off the ground, enemas, infantilism, scat, shaving (head), urine play.
  2. Soft limits – biting, light/medium pain, requesting actions, bruises, chastising, bondage, sensory deprivation, holding one’s breath, knives – not for physical harm, embarrassing actions in private, play with the lower portion of the clitoris, cage play.


  1. To be followed as outlined in the Punishment Protocol page.


  1. I may remain in contact with family and friends and  should notify Mistress of plans to visit with them.
  2. When with Mistress, I may watch television in the evening with her. I may request a specific program if I enjoy it immensely.
  3. I may use my laptop and cell phone but I should do so in Mistress’ presence. I may not give out photos or information of Mistress or I on the internet. I will never be punished for things I write in my blog.
  4. I may retain my wages for my personal use and after paying my bills, I may spend (or save) them as I please.

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