Punishment Protocol & Application

Punishment Protocol

  • Punishment will not be conducted while the Dominant is angry
  • Before administering punishment, the submissive will have an opportunity to explain her actions. If she feels that no rules have been broken/she does not deserve punishment, the wrongdoing will be explained as well as why the action was done. – It is no use punishing someone who doesn’t feel that they should be punished. 
  • As well as the action, the type of punishment will also be discussed. Ideally, at this point, the submissive will understand why she deserves the particular type of punishment, as well as why it’s as severe/gentle as it is. – This will never break any hard boundaries and is always for the benefit of the submissive.
  • Consistency is important, I must give exactly what is agreed to as well as keeping punishment consistent with the infraction.
  • As soon as punishment is completed, everything is forgotten. Punishments absolve all guilt. The submissive, at this point, must forgive herself as well.

Forms of Punishment

  • Pain – Immediate response, well practiced and controlled. However, this runs the risk of associating an unpleasant punishment with an activity that was previously enjoyed. Be aware of the consequences.
  • Humiliation – Important to remember that from this type of punishment, the submissive must gain, not be damaged. Make sure she comes out of the punishment knowing she’s served it opposed to feeling worthless.
  • Denial – Self-explanatory. New methods must be created because denial is translated as pleasure when it comes to sexual endeavors.

Types of Punishment – Organized by Level of Infraction, With Examples

  1. Repeatedly pestering about something/forgetting “ma’am”. Withdrawl of Dominant influence (ignore for a period of time), a simple “bad girl” or other directional influence, spanking.
  2. Improper question phrasing. Prolonged nudity, writing assignments (notes, essay, sentences), standing in the corner (degrees of severity can be applied).
  3. Kissing or touching without permission. Holding an uncomfortable position, kneeling (can be made more severe with rice), denial of furniture.
  4. Approaching without permission; cuddling or joining in bed. Watch the Dominant complete your chores, flogging, food restrictions.
  5. Not following through on instructions, poorly done chores, not being silent. Speech restrictions, denial of technology, a specific unpleasant chore (washing the walls, scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush). UPDATE: not referring to Mistress as ma’am has now become a Level 5 infraction.
  6. Orgasm without permission. Grounding, dominant expressing anger, repeating the infraction over and over (orgasm without permission, spilling a drink).
  7. Slight public disobedience, acting as an equal. Sleeping on the floor, clothing restrictions, cold shower.
  8. Medium public disobedience, failing to orgasm on command. Removing the option of teasing or denial of orgasm (other privileges), solitary confinement, requiring the dominant orgasm for every orgasm the submissive receives.
  9. Severe public disobedience, shame to Dominant, not pleasuring the Dominant. Denial of kissing even if other sexual acts occur, denial of simple casual contact, short or medium term length suspension of all the submissive’s rights.
  10. Blatant or intentional disregard for rules or instructions. Financial penalties (watching the Dominant pay for things the submissive takes pride in), taking away markings the submissive enjoys to wear, denial to please the Dominant at all.

– Lecture for levels 2-5
– Corporal punishment 5-8
– Public apology 8-10
– Create your own punishment

Punishment Application:

  • 29 May 2012 – Punishment for repeatedly forgetting to address Mistress as ma’am. Five paragraph, three page essay completed, as well as a written apology. Very effective, as the subjects  required me to consider how I can better serve Mistress.
  • 2 June 2012 – Punishment for intentional disregard for Mistress’ instructions. Loss of training collar (bracelet) for half an hour. Very effective, as the half hour was almost unbearable without my collar.
  • 30 June 2012 – Punishment for repeated pestering regarding being allowed to orgasm. Required to complete dishwashing and light tidying while wearing nipple clamps. Very effective, as when I needed to reach for something, my nipples were strained. The chain kept getting caught on the sink as well.
  • 16 July 2012 – Punishment for refusal to obey “heel”. Required to remove training collar (bracelet) until Mistress returned from her errand.
  • 16 July 2012 – Punishment for repeated pestering regarding being allowed to orgasm. Mistress ignored me for a period of time.
  1. Orgasm is God’s greatest pleasure! It’s a Man’s God given RIGHT and a woman’s PRIVILEGE. If God wanted woman to orgasm every time, you’d think He’d have made orgasm necessary for reproduction. A Man MUST orgasm to reproduce. It is not necessary for a woman. As it is almost 60% of woman can’t orgasm from penetration alone. Leading me to believe that like all privileges, it must be intentionally granted! Besides when you marry a Man, you are essentially giving yourself to him in EVERY WAY, your sex now belongs to your Husband. It is for His pleasure, yours is irrelevant. A good Husband will be attentive to your needs but knows that too much pleasure can spoil a good woman! Be grateful for the GIFT of the pleasure He does grant you. And remember your greatest pleasure will always come from satisfying Him!

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