• Orgasm control

24 June 2012 – made progress on orgasm control, as Mistress forced me to the edge and held me there. I was able to hold off orgasm for about two minutes and then asked her to stop, so I didn’t disappoint her. This happened a couple more times before she finally allowed me to orgasm.

3 July 2012 – Mistress allowed me to touch myself today and requested that I force myself to the edge of orgasm until it was literally unbearable four times, denying myself orgasm each time. I completed the task without orgasm and without complaint.

11 July 2012 – Mistress brought me to the edge of orgasm control no less than five times and I was able to hold off orgasm each time.

16 July 2012 – Mistress brought me to the edge of orgasm (clitoral stimulation only) 18 times and I held off orgasm each time. Mistress says that I’m halfway done with this portion of my training. Once I can hold off orgasm from penetration as well as holding off orgasm from things I’ve been conditioned to orgasm to, then I will successfully have completed orgasm control.

  • Shyness
  • Deep throating (strap on)
  • Pain tolerance

24 June 2012 – made progress on tolerating pain without making noise

  • Coming from pain alone

16 July 2012 – came from the pain of Mistress twisting my nipples alone.

  • Presenting for a flogging
  • Learning the positions Mistress chooses
11 July 2012 – Learned/obeyed “heel” effectively.
  • Coming on command

24 June 2012 – made progress on getting closer, was able to come approximately 15 seconds after command.

11 July 2012 – came on command for the first time. Still not able to do it just from foreplay but I can do it after being forced to keep from orgasming.

16 July 2012 – continued gradual progress in this area.

  • BDSM knowledge

June 2012 – I’ve learned a lot about subspace this month, as I’ve experienced it with Mistress and during my daily ritual. I’ve learned a lot more about pain tolerance as well, as Mistress has toyed with my nipples in different ways and played with my clit in different ways to see how I react to each one. I’ve learned a lot more about letting go as well. Mistress made me scream during orgasm for the first time this month, and it happened because of the intensity of the situation leading up to the orgasm but also because I let myself go. I believe that as I trust Mistress more and more, my orgasms have gotten more and more intense.

July 2012 – I’ve learned a lot about pain this month, how it enhances sex, how it makes punishment harsh. I’ve also learned that submission isn’t just a facade, it actually takes a lot of work and dedication. I can’t just be flippant about it. I’ve gotten a lot better at orgasm control this month as well, which I’m very proud of. I’m excited for what’s coming in the month of August (strapons, etc) as well as how well my training has progressed.

  • Embarrassment
  • Learning to try/like new foods
30 June 2012 – made progress on trying new foods without Mistress asking me to, also on foods touching (chicken salad wrap)
6 July 2012 – tried sushi for the first time (2.5 pieces) at Mistress’ request, with some argument.
21 July 2012 – tried a spinach/artichoke dish, as well as sauteed mushrooms.


  1. This is really good and interesting, just starting a d/s relation of my own and I think this will help
    How come you have no more recent posts than 2012?

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